Dive Right In at New England Seafood Company

I hesitated to publish my Chritique of New England Seafood Company for fear of giving away a foodie secret. But, I put aside my selfish interests and decided to share some culinary love.

Sitting unassumingly on a busy stretch of Lincoln Avenue in Lakeview, and just a few doors down from my beloved Dinkel’s Bakery, sits the epicenter of seafood excellence. Doubling as both a fish market and restaurant, New England Seafood Company will transport you directly to the Boston waterfront. Once BYO, the restaurant now serves beer and wine. Ordering is done at the counter and tables are limited and first come, first served. Because New England Seafood Company only serves fresh, seasonal fare, arrive early or you may be disappointed to learn that your favorite items are sold out. Delivery and carry-out are also available.

New England Seafood Company is home to the best lobster roll I have ever tasted. Loaded with mounds of fresh lobster meat, the crustacean shines with a light lemony dressing and sprinkling of paprika, instead of the heavy mayonnaise-based sauces other restaurants drown their rolls in. The bread is perfectly toasted and buttered, and the dish is served with freshly made potato chips, with the requisite malt vinegar offered on the side.

Lakeview, Seafood

Photo: New England Seafood Company


Fans of fried seafood will happily clog their arteries with the fried plates of everything from haddock, to clams, to scallops, and shrimp.

However, I like to instead start with the seafood cioppino soup, if available, which is chock-full of an array of fresh seafood swimming in a spicy-tomato broth. The New England clam chowder, while richer and cream-based, is also an excellent choice.

The fish tacos, ordered individually and available fried or grilled, are an inexpensive and delicious accompaniment to your meal. Paired with a soup or side item, such as rice or the vegetable of the day, the fish tacos also make a light yet satisfying lunch or dinner.

New England Seafood Company recently launched weekend brunch, as well. While I have not yet been, the menu appears delicious, but limited, with items such as a lobster BLT with egg, breakfast tacos, and bagel and homemade lox.

When your next seafood craving hits, do yourself a favor and make the trip to New England Seafood Company. Afterwards, do me a favor, and don’t tell too many people about it.




  • Nici

    So funny…this is one of my favorite places ever and I agree the Lobster roll ROCKS! It’s been a secret place between my boyfriend and I we haven’t invited any others to come with when we visit.

    • Chritiques

      That’s awesome, Nici! Hopefully all of those in the know won’t hate me for raising awareness of how great it is!

  • Hi Christina!

    A friend of mine, Jaime Corchin Vito, sent me your Blog.

    My husband and I own NESC Fish Market. We wanted to thank you for blogging such kind words about our Market.

    We not only love hearing the feedback, but we love hearing how much you enjoy the food!

    Next time you are dining in or picking up, ask for Jeff Mazza – perhaps there is a chowder or cioppino on the house in your future!

    Thanks again,
    Jeff & Jori Mazza

    • Chritiques

      Jori, thank you so much for the note. I look forward to meeting Jeff, and hopefully you, as well, very soon!

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