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Guest Post: Supper in the Suburbs of Chicago

Every Chicago native will tell you their city cooks up some of the tastiest foods in the country. But you’ll quickly learn when you visit that some of the best food spots aren’t necessarily within the city limits — they’re in Chicago suburbia. Everything you could ever crave, from pizza to burgers to fine dining, you’ll find here. So if you haven’t already started planning your trip to Chicago, we’re sure you will after you learn about these notable suburb supper spots.

Burt’s Place
8541 Ferris Ave., Morton Grove, IL

Pizza, Chicago Suburbs

Photo: Eugene Kim at Burt’s Place

You can’t come to Chicago and not eat pizza at least once, and Burt’s Place is the pizza place you want to check out. For more than 50 years in the business, Burt Katz has dazzled locals and tourists with his homemade dough and sauces and pizzas baked to caramelized perfection. Burt’s Place specializes in serving pan pizzas with friendly service while surrounding you with a relaxed ambience and old-school décor. Be sure to call ahead to make reservations and place your pizza order, as seating is limited and so your pie is fresh and hot when you arrive.

Driving distance from Chicago: 25 minutes

Edzo’s Burger Shop
1571 Sherman Ave., Evanston, IL

Burgers, Chicago Suburbs

Photo: Edzo’s Burger Shop

Not too many meals are as satisfying as a good burger, fries and a shake. When you crave this classic meal, head to Edzo’s Burger Shop. No frozen patties are allowed on this site. The cooks get to work early every morning to cut and grind beef to make their own fresh, delicious patties. As for the fries, take your pick from hand-cut original, garlic, crazy, loaded, angry and more. And while Edzo’s milkshakes may not be off-the-wall creative, they’re smooth, cold and full of flavor. All that matters when you want a good milkshake.

Driving distance from Chicago: 30 minutes

Chuck’s Southern Comforts Café
6501 W. 79th St., Burbank, IL 60459

Southern Cuisine, Chicago Suburbs

Photo: Chuck’s Southern Comforts Cafe

For true comfort food, there’s no restaurant better than Chuck’s Southern Comforts Café. This suburb hot spot provides blends of Cajun-Creole, Mexican and Southern specialties. And did we mention slow cooked smoked BBQ? The crawfish etouffee and jambalaya are top-notch choices, but for a real treat, create your own BBQ platter or BBQ combo, where you get your choice of two or three meats or slow-smoked baby back ribs and another meat option, like brisket or pulled pork. Eating at Chuck’s is a divine and memorable experience.

Driving distance from Chicago: 30 minutes

Francesco’s Hole in the Wall
254 Skokie Blvd., Northbrook, IL

Italian, Chicago Suburbs

Photo: Francesco’s Hole in the Wall

If you’ve ever eaten at a hole-in-the-wall restaurant, then you know it may not look the most enticing from the outside, but the delicious food is the only thing that matters. Francesco’s Hole in the Wall is an authentic Italian restaurant that’s been enticing its patrons with its fresh ingredients and traditional Italian menu for 30 years. The menu can change though; as your meal options are based on what fresh ingredients Francesco’s receives that morning. But you can always expect to order a glass of wine to accompany your dinner and a scrumptious cannoli for dessert.

Driving distance from Chicago: 30 minutes

1631 Chicago Ave., Evanston, IL

Local, Seasonal, Chicago Suburbs

Photo: Found

Found, a kitchen and social house, serves locally sourced, seasonal Midwestern foods Tuesday – Sunday. This rustic restaurant wants you to feel comfortable and right at home when you eat here, which is why there are tables — an eatery necessity — as well as comfortable couches and sparkling chandeliers. Chef Pederson offers a “Flexitarian” menu to her customers, highlighting various vegetables, grains and meat cuts depending on farm availability.

Driving distance from Chicago: 30 minutes

Bulldogs Grill
217 Center St., Grayslake, IL

Burgers, Chicago Suburbs

Photo: Bulldogs Grill

Come to this retro, 50s-style family diner for a variety of juicy burgers, hot wings, hot dogs, fries and shakes. Bulldogs Grill is mostly known for its burgers, and you’ll see a menu full of them. Try the Triple Bypass Burger, the Slap Yo’ Momma (it’s so good) Burger or the Zombie Apocalypse. And if you think you’re the burger king, take its burger challenge for your chance to have your name on the Wall of Fame. But be warned, if you fail the challenge, you’re going on the Wall of Shame. Decide wisely.

Driving distance from Chicago: 55 minutes

Chicago is a great place to visit and having supper in its suburbs makes your visit even better. Get your taste buds ready; they’re going on a mouthwatering ride through the Windy City.

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