Private Chef, Chicago

Kitchensurfing: Dinner Parties Made Easy

I love hosting parties. Having all of my closest friends and family over and watching everyone have a great time together makes me happy. What I usually do not love, however, is the prep work and, especially, the cleanup. That’s where Kitchensurfing comes in. Kitchensurfing supplies a private chef who will come to your home, prepare a multi-course meal of your choosing, and then clean up, thus allowing you to enjoy the party as well.

Private Chef, Chicago

I recently hosted a dinner party for twelve friends and family members in my home. I chose a menu that would highlight the bounty of the fall season, and that was healthy and well-suited for the all-female guest list. I was assigned a chef, Rick Paniagua, and I sent him my ideas. He quickly developed a menu back that sounded delicious. After a couple of minor tweaks, we had a set menu that accommodated various food preferences and dietary restrictions. He even made wine pairing recommendations, as well.

Leading up to the dinner, Chef Rick checked in to inquire about serving dishes and cooking utensils. Chefs typically use what is already in your kitchen, but if you do not have something necessary, the chef will bring it. On the evening of my party, Chef Rick arrived about an hour before service and quickly got to work.

Once my guests began to arrive, it was nice being able to spend time with them rather than worrying about cooking or serving. Dinner was then ready right on time.

Our menu for the evening was as follows:

Mixed Greens, Goat Cheese, Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette Salad, with Homemade Eggless Croutons, Fried Onions, Walnuts, and Cranberries

Truffle Whipped Sweet Potato and Carrots, with Chives and a Rosemary Gravy Sauce

Salted Black Codfish with an Orange, Fall Spice Glaze

Ricotta Gnocchi (Vegetarian Entree)

Toasted Brussels Sprouts, with a Blueberry Balsamic Reduction Sauce and Toasted Almonds

Flourless Chocolate Cake with a Triple Chocolate Sauce

Private Chef

Everything that we ate was delicious. Our absolutely favorite savory dish was the truffled whipped sweet potatoes, made especially tasty by the rosemary gravy. I was definitely guilty of dipping the croutons into the gravy – so good! Luckily, we managed to have leftovers of the sweet potatoes, so everyone was able to bring some home with them.

Private Chef

I also really enjoyed the gnocchi, made simply with some brown butter and rosemary. Even the non-vegetarians were enjoying these pillows of goodness.

Private Chef, Chicago

The codfish and brussels sprouts were also nicely prepared, light, and seasonal. I really enjoyed the thoughtfulness of how Chef Rick used rosemary throughout the entire menu to tie the dishes together.

Private Chef, Chicago

We saved the best for last, though, with the homemade flourless chocolate cake which is based upon Chef Rick’s mother’s recipe. While sinful, it was incredible. I had no problem passing out the leftovers so that I was not tempted by the chocolately richness of this cake every time I opened my refrigerator.

Private Chef, Chicago

Chef Rick did an amazing job. Not only did he create and prepare a delicious meal, but he was also extremely nice and pleasant and interacted with the guests. He made my hosting duties a breeze and left my kitchen spotless. My guests and I all had such a wonderful time and enjoyed every bite of Chef Rick’s meal. I highly recommend both Kitchensurfing and Chef Rick for your next dinner party.

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While my Kitchensurfing experience was complimentary, all thoughts expressed herein are my own.