Nashville, San Antonio Taco Company, TEX MEX

SATCO – The Best Tex-Mex in Nashville

Nashville, San Antonio Taco Company, TEX MEX

Photo: Chritiques at SATCO

As an Alumna of Vanderbilt University, I have frequented San Antonio Taco Company, fondly known as “SATCO” to regulars and locals, more than I can event count. From catering sorority chapter meetings, to enjoying chips and queso with buckets of beer on the outdoor patio, SATCO is part of the Vanderbilt experience as much as dressing up for football games and the infamous Vandy squirrels. SATCO is the type of place one craves, even after not having it for years. So, when I returned to Nashville to run the Country Music Half Marathon recently, you better believe that I went back to SATCO – twice in the two days that I was there – and I brought my husband and friends with me to experience what SATCO was all about.

SATCO, the brainchild of two Vanderbilt graduates who were also natives of San Antonio, Texas, first opened in 1984. It has since been sold to two other Vanderbilt graduates who continue to operate it. Located across the street from Vanderbilt’s library, business school, and hospital, and just off Nashville’s infamous “Music Row,” SATCO has no dearth of loyal followers. On a nice day, the front patio is filled with diners enjoying the fantastic tacos, queso, and cold beer.

Ordering is done with a pencil and pad of paper. Select what you want, bring it to the register, and wait for your name to be called. Even with a long line, things are handled expeditiously and you’ll be eating in no time. Free refills of chips and sodas are available. SATCO makes its food fresh daily from scratch, including its tortillas.

Nashville, Tex-Mex, San Antonio Taco Company

Photo: Yelp

To start, an order of chili con queso (chips and cheese) is a must. The queso is seriously addicting, so be sure to share with friends and save room for the tacos!

Nashville, San Antonio Taco Company, TEX MEX

Photo: Chritiques at SATCO

Most tacos offered are made with soft flour tortillas. You pick your protein – steak, chicken, pulled pork, chili, or beans – and then your toppings – greens peppers & onions, beans, cheese, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, or guacamole. I used to love the chicken fajita tacos, but my new favorite is the bean and cheese taco. One crispy taco, filled with spicy ground beef, is also available.

Nashville, San Antonio Taco Company, Tex-Mex

Photo: Chritiques at SATCO

Aside from tacos, SATCO also offers buffalo wings, chalupas, enchiladas, salads, and chili. Of all of the times that I have been to SATCO, however, I can safely say that I have never strayed from the chips and queso and tacos.

SATCO will always have a special place in my heart, and in my stomach. Next time you are in Nashville, do yourself a favor and go to SATCO – and bring some back for me!

416 21st Avenue South, Nashville, TN 37203