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Wellness Week: ClassPass

It’s Wellness Week on Chritiques! All week, I will be taking the emphasis off the food (sad, I know), and instead highlighting three great healthy initiatives and events.

In order to offset all of that tasty deliciousness that I love to enjoy, I focus on moving my body in some way, every day. After devoting the past ten years to running, and completing two marathons and countless half marathons in the process, I have recently been looking to other types of exercise, including yoga, barre classes, and spinning, for my workouts. With impeccable timing, I came across ClassPass, a fitness start-up that helps people find new fitness classes.

Chicago Fitness Classes

ClassPass is a monthly service that gives its members access to the best studios in Chicago, such as Exhale, Flywheel, Daily Method, and Shred415. Yoga, pilates, barre, spinning, cardio, and dance are all offered.

For $99 a month, members are allowed to take unlimited classes at any studio of the member’s choice. The only catch is that the same studio cannot be visited more than three times per month. But, with the amount of studios that are taking part in ClassPass, more than enough studios are available to choose from.

Chicago, Fitness

In just my first week of using ClassPass, I have already become obsessed with barre classes and have taken them at Dailey Method, Pure Barre, and Bar Method; I took a FlyWheel spinning class for the first time which had me hobbling around for a few days afterwards; I tried aerial yoga at AIR, which was a no-joke workout for the upper body, but really fun at the same time; and I took part in an amazing Core Fusion Cardio class at Exhale, in which I was sweating within the first five minutes.

Chicago Fitness Classes

Photo: ClassPass at The Dailey Method


Photo: ClassPass at Flywheel

ClassPass Chicago

Photo: Chritiques at AIR

Classes through ClassPass are reserved through its website. You can search by studio, by date, by activity, or by neighborhood. Most classes are available for booking seven days in advance. All reservations and cancellations must be made at least 24 hours before class. If you cancel after that window, some studios may charge a cancellation fee.

Fitness Classes, Chicago

In addition to Chicago, ClassPass is currently offered in Boston, New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. So far, I am loving ClassPass and the ability to take a variety of classes at studios across Chicago that I would otherwise never visit, and to take part in activities that I maybe would otherwise never try. Thanks to ClassPass, I’ll be Living the Sweaty Life.

What are your favorite fitness classes?




I received a complimentary membership for a month in order to facilitate this review. All opinions expressed herein are my own. 

  • sounds like so much fun!! that aerial yoga class sounds amazing! xo jillian – cornflake dreams

    • Jillian, you would love this program with all of the yoga, pilates and other fun classes. Hopefully they will start in Charleston soon!

  • We should take a class together girlfriend!

    • Yes, let’s! Any classes that are on your must-take list?