To obtain a license, you must pass various tests, such as a written exam to assess your road knowledge or a driving test to evaluate your skills in real-world scenarios. For finding a top-notch driving school New York and other major cities with many licensed institutions are best suited.

Although many people attend driving schools or practice with a car at home, you can also use your phone to study road signs, take written tests, and improve your parking skills. To succeed in your driving exam, consider using these apps for iOS and Android.

Learn Driving Offline

It’s important to understand the components of the car and how they work before driving. This app provides a course-like experience with four sections. The first section covers basic information about the car’s controls, such as the gearbox and foot pedals.

The second section covers placing the car into gear and changing lanes. The third section covers basic traffic rules, while the last section gives driving tips and tricks. Each section has simple, plain text explanations and pictures to help you visualize better.

This app is a good beginning resource for someone interested in learning about driving but has yet to decide about it. The app features banner ads at the top, which are not disruptive and function online and offline. If you are an iOS user, an app is also available.

Practice Test USA & Road Signs

Can you explain the difference between a road marking with spots and one with double lines but no spot in the middle? These signs are important for a driving test, and this app can help you learn about road signs and rules with text and illustrations.

To master road signs, begin with the short section that contains over 20 quizzes consisting of 20 questions each. Once you feel confident, the app has banner ads at the bottom, which cannot be removed but can be used offline without any inconvenience.

Learn To Drive

The app aims to improve your understanding of driving by providing visual animated videos. The animations depict real-life driving scenarios such as junctions, pedestrian crossings, and roundabouts.

The narration is instructive and helps you understand road etiquette clearly. However, there are very few free videos available. To access the full range of courses, you can download all of them for $13 or select individual courses for $4.

DMV Permit Practice Test Genie

DMV Permit Practice Test Genie

A driver education app has been developed to account for variations in driving tests across the United States. This app includes a traffic and road sign test but is only part of the overall driving test. To begin, users must select the state where they will be taking their test and the type of vehicle they will be using (car, commercial vehicle, or motorcycle).

The app offers a wide range of questions and practice tests tailored to your state’s driver’s manual, helping you get better prepared with state-specific information. In addition, a premium version available for $12 provides access to more practice papers and cheat sheets and eliminates ads.

Parking Mania 2

This game helps you improve your parking skills for your driving test. You will practice different parking maneuvers such as accelerating, reversing, parking with a trailer, navigating roundabouts, and avoiding other vehicles. Additionally, you can explore the surrounding area with your car.

The game has a rule that deducts points whenever your vehicle hits any surface. It is free to play and does not have any advertisements. You’ll encounter many challenges, such as missions, obstacles, and live traffic, which can sometimes be difficult. If you aim to improve your driving skills, this game is worth a try!