Instagram highlights viewers have become integral to everyday life, especially for teenagers and children. At the same time, Instagram is considered the most harmful social network. Not so long ago, a study in the United States showed that certain social media platforms significantly affect adolescents’ physical and mental health. Specifically, they can cause depression, anxiety attacks, and self-esteem problems in young people aged 14-24.

Disadvantages of Instagram

Teenagers, especially girls, often unconsciously start comparing their photos to the photoshopped photos of influencers. Instagram encourages users to enter a competition for the best photo. And in the pursuit of the perfect image, all filters are good. This is how unattainable ideals of beauty are created; the constant reminder of which in the feed makes teenagers doubt their attractiveness and, with it, their wealth.

The second most important harmful factor in using Instagram is the obsessive fear of missing out on something. The so-called “fear of missing opportunities” significantly increases the anxiety level of social network users. Constantly looking at the photo reports of the most active and incredibly productive owners of popular accounts, a teenager subconsciously compares his life with what he is shown in the news feed.

Benefits of Instagram

Children and mobile phones
Children and mobile phones

However, the Instagram platform also has some extremely positive features. For example, this social network has become a significant platform for the younger generation to express themselves. In today’s world, social media is a promising way of promotion. Many talented, creative individuals have earned popularity precisely because they had the opportunity to express themselves and demonstrate their skills to a wide audience with the help of the Instagram application. The general audience, in turn, could save Insta stories and share them in the future.

The negative consequences of using any social network or media platform can only appear when a child or teenager uses it uncontrollably, forgetting about reality and running away from the unpleasant aspects of life. The main “trap” of Instagram and TikTok is that time runs completely unnoticed while browsing through the publications of these applications. Sometimes, users spend several hours in front of their smartphone screens for just a few minutes.

We emphasize that, according to experts, only those who spend more than 2 hours a day on Instagram should be afraid of harmful consequences. Everything is good in moderation. It is pointless to forbid your child (and yourself) to use this social network. After all, social approval – even in the form of likes – is necessary for every member of society. Therefore, it is enough just to monitor how much time your teenager spends in front of the screen and what exactly this time is spent on.

If you’re not a fan of the above methods, you can always talk to your kids about the risks on Instagram. It will take some time to help your child understand how the social app can affect their personality and development. However, you must persistently keep them safe in the long run.